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Agile@HOME is a free recycling app for iPhone, iPad and Android. The app delivers local information on waste collection and recycling in a clear, visual format, getting your Authority’s message across without the need for costly leafleting.


Creators of the AMCS platform: an enterprise grade cloud and software platform that is designed based on the best practice processes of thousands of waste & recycling companies across the globe.


Growing your recycling operations can be difficult when processes are manual and disconnected. Now you can automate, connect and digitize all your processes with AMCS Platform for Recycling.

Axians eWaste

As a partner of all those involved in energy and material flow management, we know: End-to-end digitalisation can make environmental and waste-related processes smarter, avoid errors and reduce costs at the same time! For over 25 years, we have focused on developing and delivering innovative, cloud-based software solutions and apps for environmental and waste management.

Bartec Municipal Technologies

Our systems and technologies are used in large cities, small boroughs and large unitary authorities in England, Scotland and Wales. Millions of households have their waste collected every week by crews using Collective.


Take advantage of the opportunities that digitisation provides though use of our systems. With our waste management software, portals and apps information available through a 24 customer centre which is always open. Digital process means more services for residents.


End-to-end Supply Chain Traceability holds the key to overcoming major challenges that society faces in the areas of Circular Economy, Environmental Pollution, Carbon Emissions. Circularise enables supply chain actors to share sensitive data without risking privacy and confidentiality. To improve Resource Use, Verify Provenance, Conduct Carbon Footprint and Impact Assessments to unlock the potential of Circular Economy business models and to drive worldwide adoption.

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