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Discover Cleantech – The magazine promoting the people, businesses, and ideas transforming our world.

Discover Cleantech is a unique international online and print media connecting and showcasing the various branches of the global cleantech sector, from hydrogen, biogas, and wind to electric vehicles, education, and design. As a declared technologically optimist publication, we focus on all green and clean innovations, businesses, and ideas as well as the people and policies furthering them.

Furthermore, we believe that enabling collaboration across the various cleantech sectors is absolutely crucial to the success of the green revolution. The broader the interconnected sectors, the more likely one will already hold, and be able to share, the missing key to another’s success. Likewise, every country holds its own unique industry-specific strengths within renewable technologies, human resources and of course natural resources.

But though it is evident that a successful energy transition requires a multitude of cross-border and cross sector partnerships, whilst there are plenty of great resources for every niche in cleantech, we are the only resource that combines it all.

Pick up your printed copy at WH Smiths Travel (UK), WHSmith High Street (UK), AKO shops (Holland), Press Shop/Relay (Belgium), Valora, Schmitt, LS Travel and Eckert shops (Germany).  Online via Readly, Media Carrier, PressReader and issuu.

The Cleantech Business Directory

The Cleantech Business Directory is a comprehensive resource for investors, researchers, job seekers and industry professionals interested in the cleantech sector. This directory gives an overview of the many companies that are changing our world for the better.

Discover Cleantech

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