The Limerick Wave PTO technology is suited to any WEC device that captures the two way motion of the waves. This two way motion is mechanically converted into one direction to drive an electrical generator that along with the PTO is protected from the harsh environment of the sea.

Limerick Wave’s technology provides a unique approach to the challenge of harnessing energy from the ocean. The main cylindrical unit of the device, which consists of a generator connected   to a gearing system to generate energy from a flywheel, is mounted on a frame that is attached to a Wave Energy Converter (WEC). The oscillatory motion of the sea surface is captured by the WEC using a floatation device connected to the main cylindrical body. The key innovations, which set this device ahead of its competitors, are protected under a patent. These innovations represent a major breakthrough in energy wave conversion technology as it can be tuned and controlled to efficiently match the fluctuating wave climate.