Subsea cable installation, operations & maintenance is extremely difficult to manage due to a variety of uncertainties & technical challenges surrounding marine & subsea cable operations.

This impacts cable reliability which is key to ensuring that energy continues to flow when and to where it is needed.

Maintaining the reliability of the cables and minimising downtime is also a costly affair and a very tedious process, with the average cost of repairing a subsea cable being enormous and has accounted for 77% of the total financial losses in for instance global offshore wind projects.

This is not to mention also how a lack of maintenance knowledge and poorly structured maintenance programs for subsea power cables can lead to a significant reduction in operational efficiency & performance thus a loss in system reliability & disruption to renewable energy generation & distribution operations.

Reliability & maintenance is the most important part of any subsea power cable operations.

That is why we are bringing together key experts from the subsea community globally to discuss the current challenges in continuous risk assessment for cables, cable burial, route optimization, cost reduction, cable repairs, operation and maintenance, and life extension in order to identify best practices.

It will showcase real practical examples on what the industry can do to produce optimized solution across the board with regards to survey, burial, engineering, installation, protection, and repair and explore new areas of innovation and techniques for cost reduction.

This event provides a unique platform to exchange ideas, network with key representatives from the subsea community and exchange experience to successfully master subsea power cable maintenance, protection, and repair processes

Join us as we gather these experts, practitioners, stakeholders, and leaders from Europe and the rest of the world to  deep dive into best practices and solutions around maintenance & reliability technical challenges in and around cable design, maintenance and performance management, installation best practices, surveys, fault reduction & monitoring including electrical & thermal faults, risk assessment & elimination of errors at the initial stage of installation, developing robust maintenance programs, decommissioning best practices amongst others.