The impact of icing on wind turbines and energy production in different regions is a severe problem.

Therefore, emphasis on developing ice mitigation systems has become a significant part of the wind energy conversion systems. These systems use various technologies and have different specifications, sometimes with no clear indication of their efficiency.

Since the effect of cold climate on wind turbines is complex, not every ice protection system is suitable for a given wind farm. Therefore, the aim of this forum is to compare the existing ice mitigation solutions and provide an indication on their efficiency.

The event will dissect most recent standards set by experts, and the major issues associated with wind energy in cold climates.

Then, we present the ice protection techniques found with this digital age, and also highlight the recent research on the issues such discovering cost-efficient solutions to cut productivity losses related to wind Turbines, identifying ways of reducing maintenance cost associated with Wind Turbine Icing prevention, Drones de-icing wind turbine blade, wind turbine throw ice, De-Icing Wind Turbines and optimization of the systems.

Finally, we present an analysis of the current market, compare ice protection techniques and systems, based on various criteria, and measure the additional costs generated by ice mitigation. Also touch key issues such as Window power, Ice prevention, Windmill, Icing phenomenon and Green energy.

In this forum, you will discover cost-efficient solutions to cut the productivity losses related to wind turbines icing.

The sessions are set up to be interactive for the attendees to get involved into the experience-sharing process and to tackle existing problems in real-time discussions.

Use your chance to get the most out of the great bench-marking, networking and business opportunities!