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C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V. offers various services for agricultural and forestry employees, municipalities and the public sector, research, companies and private individuals. With their expertise and experience, the employees contribute to the implementation and success of a wide variety of projects. The initial information is a free service of the network. The employees are also available as speakers and contacts for third-party events, e.g. around the topics of bioenergy, solar energy, wind energy, electricity storage, energy efficiency, acceptance management and material use.

dk consult

We are certain that plants for the production of bioenergy play an important role in achieving national climate and environmental goals. This knowledge is based on our own in-depth experience in the fields of biogas and wood energy, in which we have come to know and appreciate the advantages and potential in the production of bioenergy.


EUFEX is a consulting and software development company based in Berlin, with over 10 years of experience in advising clients over aspects of sustainable biofuels. The company has been active since the introduction of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED I) and the associated establishment of the market for sustainable biofuels and is among the most experienced consultants in the industry. Besides advising numerous high-profile firms, EUFEX participates in various Professional associations. In addition to providing comprehensive advice to its clients, EUFEX also offers versatile software solutions tailored to all challenges of the market for sustainable biofuel and bioenergy production.

Schaumann BioEnergy Consult

Schaumann BioEnergy Consult GmbH is the specialist for energy production from biomass - from substrate preparation to fermentation biology.

Snow Leopard Projects

We help investors & project owners to develop, design, build, commission and operate their biogas plant project successful and profitable.

umwelttechnik & ingenieure

Our fields of work include consulting and planning services in the fields of energy and recycling management with an environmental technology background, such as biomass power plants, sorting plants for household or commercial waste, plastics recycling plants, waste-to-energy plants or plants for sewage sludge treatment.

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