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Global Bio Broker

Global Bio Broker develops meaningful, long term client relationships with various stakeholders in the biofuels industry. We help you optimize your bottom line and manage risk via physical and financial derivatives transactions in the relevant commodities. We provide extensive post-trade service until you are satisfied with a well-executed transaction. Located at the heart of the ARA port (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp), we provide our brokerage services to clients in Europe and the rest of the world.

GLOCK ecotech

GLOCK ecotech wood gasifiers are the result of many years of development and innovation. We present you a way of producing heat and green electricity self-sufficiently using only wood chips. This novel form of energy supply offers every customer efficiency and sustainability.

GMT biogas

GMT’s is one of the leading gas to grid developers in the UK, pioneering the use of its highly efficient PFR technology alongside direct pipeline and virtual pipeline grid injection technologies.


GoodFuels is a fast-growing, Netherlands-based pioneer and global market leader in development, distribution, sales and marketing of second generation sustainable biofuels. GoodFuels’ biofuels are suited for a wide variety of transport segments – shipping and heavy-duty vehicles – for which biofuels are one of the best or only viable alternative in the foreseeable future.

Green Biofuels

The company’s advanced Gd+ fuel is made from renewable feedstocks.

Green Biofuels Ireland Ltd

Ireland’s leading supplier of biodiesel and biofuel products.

Green Create Wijster

Green Create Wijster is the owner and operator of the green energy installation at the Energy Transition Park in Wijster. We started building our new energy installation in December 2020 for the production of biomethane, electricity and thermal energy from poultry manure. This installation converts liquid and solid fertilizers by means of anaerobic digestion to produce 16 million m3 of green gas per year. This is enough biogas for 15,000 households. In addition, we produce approximately 6 million m3 of bio-LNG for the transport sector.

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Biofuel is defined as any fuel sourced derived from biomass, otherwise known as organic matter. Our biofuels category covers variety of companies engaged in direct manufacturing of biofuels to the major stakeholders participating in its supply chain. It covers biofuel consultancies and tech companies with breakthrough technology for use in the biofuels industry. In our biofuel directory you can find the following type of companies; Operators and suppliers to the anaerobic digestion industry, Biofuel distributors, Biofuel consultants, Biofuel interest and membership organisations, Biofuel manufacturers and producers, Biofuel technology providers and manufacturers, Biofuel engineering companies, Biofuel installation and maintenance companies, Gasification systems; technology and developers.

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