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Adelan develops low carbon products for the clean energy market and offers unique fuel cell system sales and strategic partnership to customers looking to decarbonise.

AE Driven Solutions

AE Driven Solutions GmbH is an engineering office and supplier of fuel cell systems based in Aachen. We are a team of experienced engineers from the fields of vehicle technology, mechanical and plant engineering, electrical engineering and renewable energies. We offer advice, engineering and services for everything to do with hydrogen as an energy source. We see ourselves as a solution provider along the entire hydrogen value chain, from production to use.

AFC Energy

We’re a UK-based team of energy-tech pioneers on a mission to replace polluting fossil fuel generation with hydrogen fuel cells - helping off-grid operators around the world deliver their net zero commitments.


EMCEL stands for ELECTRIC-MOBILITY, FUEL CELLS and HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGY. Energy transition, together, today! This is our driving force. Our solutions sustainably reduce emissions and costs for our customers. We are a competent and friendly team with a focus on hydrogen, fuel cells and electric mobility as well as on the connection to renewable energies. EMCEL GmbH is an engineering firm with its registered office in Cologne. It is now one of the leading engineering firms in this field. Our team consists of about 20 people who are enthusiastic about various projects in the field of energy transition. We have experienced specialists from the following fields.


HaasEngineering is a chemical engineering company, founded more than 30 years ago. Our major business is to serve the chemical, pharmaceutical, and renewable energy industries. 20 years ago we worked on the first hydrogen project, which was combined with a photovoltaic plant. This was the start for us to build up a business in the renewable energy market. Whether power-to-gas, hydrogen fuel stations, or green hydrogen production for industrial plants, we offer the whole scope of engineering services starting with the needs assessment to the feasibility study, the preliminary study, basic engineering, detailed engineering, as well as supervising and commissioning all phases of a project.

HV Systems

HVS design and develop hydrogen-electric vehicles for the commercial vehicle market. We work with leading technology integrators, component suppliers and vehicle prototype design houses to deliver unique solutions to de-carbonise the medium and heavy duty commercial vehicle sectors.


Building next generation fuel cells with both high specific power and high energy density.

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