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350 PPM

We work alongside these environmental companies to take them through the four stages of commercialization: Incubation, Expansion, VC and Listing.

7×7 Unternehmensgruppe

We offer individual solutions in the field of direct investments in the income types of renting and leasing as well as commercial operations. This ranges from residential and retail properties to day-care centers and private or commercial PV systems. In the case of PV systems, the spectrum of direct investments goes from the PV roof system to the solar park and your own company solar carport. We open up opportunities for entrepreneurs, e.g. B. for the 6b reserve as well as for an investment deduction, for example when purchasing a solar park.

ABN AMRO Asset Based Finance

The energy transition revolves around moving away from fossil fuels to decarbonise our energy system and move towards cleaner energy sources. Companies will have a big need for structured finance to help the whole energy network continue its transition to renewables. We’d love to be your financial partner on your way to a better future.

Abundance Investment

Our mission is to help everyone mobilise their money for good. We let you put your money to work to fund the infrastructure we need to tackle the climate emergency and create a fairer, greener future for us all.


Adaptogen was founded to provide insightful expertise to our investors and help them navigate the energy transition as sustainably and profitably as possible. We are focused on investment opportunities in new energy storage asset classes, as well as those from distributed energy and demand side response market.

Adaxia Capital Partners

We are private equity investors in Resource Efficiency SMEs demonstrating strong growth in large addressable markets and the potential for attractive long-term capital returns.

Advace Group

The Advace Group is one of the leading, internationally active, independent investment specialists and asset managers with an exclusive focus on investments in the Green Sustainable Infrastructure asset class.

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