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Founded in London in 2015, Advizzo is a behavioural science software company, transforming the way customers think about their energy and water consumption, and how utility companies connect with their customers. With significant experience in both utility and software industries, the founders sought to combine data science, cloud computing and behavioural science to solve the water and energy efficiency issues faced by utility companies.

All in power

All in power provides a platform for customers to obtain renewable energy by acting as an intermediary to ensure availability.


As a society, we're facing some tough challenges. But it takes more than data to solve problems. People benefit when it's translated into insights. At Anaeko, we're working to help create a better society through smarter data engineering.

Badger Meter

Badger Meter is an industry-leading innovator in flow measurement, water quality and control products, serving water utilities, municipalities and commercial and industrial customers worldwide.

Batenburg Techniek

With more than 1,100 colleagues, we operate as a technical service provider in the heart of the smart industry. Our focus is on developing smart solutions in industrial automation, supplying industrial components and taking care of their installation.


REACH is disrupting a legacy industry by helping Utility and Energy organisation improve the smart meter installation experience for their customers. We partnered with industry leaders to define strategy and value for a new workforce management platform that can scale to serve different smart metering organisations. Our team designed built and launched the REACH platform that streamlines the installation process for the world of SMETS1 and SMETS2.

BEN Energy

BEN Energy is your reliable partner for customer-related data analysis in the energy market. With our products and services, we support your digital transformation from concept to operationalization.

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