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Amphibious Energy

Amphibious Energy is a renewable energy company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We specialize in designing offshore, autonomous, 100% renewable energy power generators, that combine wind- and solar power with storage, in a compact and transportable manner. (more…)

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8 Star Energy

As the world’s energy requirements increase and the switch to renewables is understood as the future, people are demanding clean energy that suits their individual needs. We’re addressing this demand with our unique portfolio of portable charging devices, and home energy storage solutions that put the power back in the hands of the people. We develop products that integrate with everyday life and provide renewable independent energy where and when we need it.


As we transition away from natural gas and other fossil fuels, there is no question that we need to make better use of renewable energy in as sustainable a way as possible. Using our patented compression technology Essential battery, we have designed the Offgen, energy storage system that works with renewable technology to store clean energy as electricity.


In the rapidly electrifying world, the need for increasingly efficient batteries and energy storages is growing. For large cooling demands, the right solution is water cooling. Our cooling stations are suitable for cooling down liquid cooled batteries and energy storage systems, their power electronics, and the air inside them.


aentron specialises in the development and production of energy storage devices for maritime, industrial, e-mobility and building power storage applications. aentron power solutions are state-of-the-art, scalable, robust and safe from 12V, 24V, 48V up to 900Vdc lithium-ion battery-systems – Made in Germany.

Albion Technologies

Albion Technologies are a world leading Battery Energy Storage System, providing storage solutions to renewable energy providers, developers and power grid operators across the UK.

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