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Feeding biomethane into the natural gas grid is playing an increasingly important role. APROVIS takes over biogas purification. In so doing, it ensures that biomethane treatment plants are operated safely. Reliable gas purification is required to enable the production of biomethane from biogas by eliminating carbon dioxide (CO2). Only this process promises a continuous flow and a small number of downtimes.

aqua & waste International

We offer solutions and services for, Anaerobic digestion of organic substances for energy production, Digestate processing, Production, processing, storage and utilisation of biogas or digester gas, Digester gas desulphurisation through micro-aeration, Co-digestion (Technical) Concepts for electricity and heat and cold generation (CHP), Energy analyses and determination of demand for sewage treatment plants.


ARCANUM has specialised in project development, project management and operation of biomethane plants since 2005 and combines technical with business know-how. From conception to initial start-up, ARCANUM works professionally on partial or complete tasks and makes an important contribution to an environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral society.


Archea stands for the development of reliable biogas plants: from small one-step plants for farms to big industrial plants with multiple megawatt power. In these plants we use not only the vertical digesters, typical from plants which run with liquid manure, but also our horizontal digesters, which are able to treat stodgy substrates.

Argent Energy

Argent Energy produces sustainable second generation biodiesel made from waste fats and oils.

Ashcourt Group

Ashcourt Fuels offers Green D+, an eco-friendly, premium diesel fuel made from only renewable and sustainable materials.


The atd GmbH team advises on plant optimization options that will make your biogas plant fit for the future!

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Biofuel is defined as any fuel sourced derived from biomass, otherwise known as organic matter. Our biofuels category covers variety of companies engaged in direct manufacturing of biofuels to the major stakeholders participating in its supply chain. It covers biofuel consultancies and tech companies with breakthrough technology for use in the biofuels industry. In our biofuel directory you can find the following type of companies; Operators and suppliers to the anaerobic digestion industry, Biofuel distributors, Biofuel consultants, Biofuel interest and membership organisations, Biofuel manufacturers and producers, Biofuel technology providers and manufacturers, Biofuel engineering companies, Biofuel installation and maintenance companies, Gasification systems; technology and developers.

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