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Balcas Energy

The largest manufacturer and distributor of high quality wood pellets in the UK and Ireland. Providing fuel services to commercial and domestic customers since 2004.

Barden Biomass

Barden Biomass is dedicated to delivering the highest quality locally sourced wood fuel, along with biomass systems servicing and maintenance.


We turn every last bit of it into green energy using our anaerobic digesters. As a result, we have been a carbon-neutral business since 2010.

Baur Folien

Our manufacturing program includes a wide range of modern foil materials. For example, biogas storage are manufactured as pillow or cylinder storage bags, tank and lagoon covers, as single or double membrane covers, as well as covers for emission protection. The processing is carried out by our qualified personnel with the most modern machine technology at our location in Wolfertschwenden in the beautiful Allgäu region.


The Bundesverband Bioenergie eV (BBE) is the umbrella organization for bioenergy. It was founded in 1998 to give effective representation in politics and society for the diversity of bioenergy with all its manifestations and technological paths in the electricity, heating and transport sectors. The strengths of the BBE include the integration of specialized industry associations and companies into a strong network. Experts and decision-makers meet at the BBE to analyze political and economic framework conditions and to represent a strong position for the industry. The BBE thus creates a holistic presentation of bioenergy and promotes the exchange between bioenergy, politics and society.


The Federal Association of the German Bioethanol Industry (BDBe) is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transport through the use of bioethanol. With a holistic approach, the BDBe maps the entire production chain from the field to the fuel. The BDBe coordinates the formation of political opinions in the German bioethanol industry and communicates its results to politics, business, science, the media and the public.

BDI-BioEnergy International

Since our founding in 1996, we have been developing resource-saving technologies for upgrading residual and waste streams from industry. We support our customers along the entire value chain. We set new standards in terms of innovation, technological leadership, product quality and economy.

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Biofuel is defined as any fuel sourced derived from biomass, otherwise known as organic matter. Our biofuels category covers variety of companies engaged in direct manufacturing of biofuels to the major stakeholders participating in its supply chain. It covers biofuel consultancies and tech companies with breakthrough technology for use in the biofuels industry. In our biofuel directory you can find the following type of companies; Operators and suppliers to the anaerobic digestion industry, Biofuel distributors, Biofuel consultants, Biofuel interest and membership organisations, Biofuel manufacturers and producers, Biofuel technology providers and manufacturers, Biofuel engineering companies, Biofuel installation and maintenance companies, Gasification systems; technology and developers.

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